A Personal Touch Makes all the Difference

Deborah Leonard is the director of Assisting Future Stars, a non-profit dedicated to providing schools and classrooms across the country with the supplies they need to better accommodate homeless and disadvantaged children. Teachers often use their own time and money to get these supplies, but Assisting Future Stars seeks to take that burden off their shoulders so they can spend more time and energy on what really matters.

This is an organization that cares deeply about children and it shows. Deborah and her fellow volunteers believe that it’s important to put a personal touch on each and every donation they give out. They aren’t just handing out Yellow #2 Pencils. They’re putting thought and care into every package. They’re thoughtfully grouping products, they’re creating themes and they’re decorating pencil cases all in an effort to show these kids that someone cares. It comes as no surprise that these fun little touches get kids excited and encourages them towards a love of learning.

Hello Kitty kits, Sea Life kits, Sports kits, and Peanuts kits are just a few of the packages they’ve given out to kids. To date, they've helped hundreds of kids.