elementary school students outside at recess

Do you have a reward system in your classroom? 

While pizza parties and candies are always a welcome treat for students, your everyday classroom reward system needs to be a little more feasible, using small goodies that will keep kids motivated — without being too disruptive. 

When you choose the right incentives, you will be the star teacher in your students’ eyes. To help you get started, here are 8 classroom rewards your students will love. 

1. Squish Balls

Squish balls are fun toys that make exciting rewards for kids of all ages. They can come in all types of designs and colors, such as gemstones, fruity beads, unicorns, frogs, ice cream cones, dinosaurs, sea life, and more. 

For some, holding and squeezing squish balls during class can actually increase their attention and focus, rather than cause a distraction. 

2. Fidget Poppers

Who doesn’t love a fidget popper? Kids and adults alike find them to be calming which is why they make a great reward. 

These popular sensory toys are often used in the classroom to help students maintain their focus and minimize stress and anxiety. They come in all shapes and designs, giving kids of all ages a fun way to pay attention. 

3. Fun, Cool Pencils

Do you remember what it felt like to get a shiny new pencil when you were a student? Pencils never go out of style in school. 

This reward will make them feel special while giving them something useful to use in the classroom, too. Choose from pencils with cool designs, grooves, fuzzy tops, and fun erasers. Scented pencils are a popular choice amongst kids, too. 

4. Desk Pets

Reward students with the adoption of a desk pet. They aren’t real, of course, but desk pets provide students an opportunity to have a reward that makes them feel good. They can care for their desk pet and even create a habitat. 

Teachers may even implement a reward system that allows students to earn accessories or food for their desk pets, too. 

5. Slime Toys or Putty

It is ooey and gooey and full of fun. Kids love slime and putty — which means it makes a fantastic incentive. The excitement around slime toys and putty is more than just playing with it. Believe it or not, it also acts like other fidget toys, giving kids a way to boost their focus during class. What’s more, the feeling of it can be very calming. 

6. Clip-On Critter Animal Clips

Similar to desk pets, clip-on animal clips help bring comfort to kids as they do their work. They are attached to their pencil, hanging on tight with their little paws. These plush animals can be a game-changer — especially during a stressful assignment. 

7. Erasers

Who has the coolest eraser? With a collection of neat erasers to choose from, you have the perfect incentive. Easy to keep in a bag or jar to reward students when the time is right. 

There are so many different designs of erasers out there — UFOs, smartphones, video games, sports balls, donuts, snack foods, video game controllers, snakes, emojis, and more. Some attach to pencils and some do not. And there are scented erasers, too. 

8. Bracelets and Wristbands

Wearables, such as bracelets and wristbands, also make great rewards. You can let the students choose which one they want or make it a surprise grab. Kids love to show off these wearables and even trade them with their friends. 

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