5 School Supplies Your Child Needs To Decorate Their Notebook

There is no excuse for a boring notebook! And there’s also no reason to spend money on a pricey notebook with a design printed on the cover when your kids can use school supplies they already have at home to create their own customized notebooks. Decorating a notebook is a fun rainy day activity and they’re not just for school either—kids can use them as journals, sketchbooks, or for writing their own chapter books. Here are some fun ways to decorate a plain notebook cover and make something special.

Create Stripes or a Geometric Pattern With Washi Tape

Washi tape has surpassed glitter glue and puffy paint as kids’ favorite craft supply—which is good news for parents because it’s much less messy! We recommend getting a few different rolls with coordinating patterns and colors. Use them to make stripes, zig zags, shapes, or even use them to make the letters to spell out a name or school subject.

Make a Collage Cover With a Glue Stick and Mod Podge

If you have some old scrapbook paper or magazines sitting around the house, have your child cut them up to use for making a collage on the covers of their notebooks. Regular glue can warp the cover, so you’ll want to use a glue stick instead. When the entire cover is decorated—remember, when it comes to collage, more is more!—brush it with Mod Podge to protect it and prevent the clippings from peeling off.

Draw Something Fun With Markers

At Geddes, we have Neon Permanent Markers that are perfect for this! Washable markers are more likely to rub off when you touch your notebook cover, so we recommend only using permanent ones. Draw elaborate lettering, a favorite animal, or anything else that strikes your fancy. You can find lots of ideas online by searching for drawings and patterns made with permanent markers.

Decorate the Inside With Stampers

Up to this point, we’ve been focusing on decorating a notebook cover. Why not decorate the inside too? Color code class notes for organization or make a fun, colorful journal by using stampers on the margins. Our Unicorn Pencil Top Stampers will be a hit with any kids who love unicorns.

Add a Pop of Color With Color It! Tape

Washi tape is fun, but you know what’s even more fun? Making your own washi tape! It’s not always possible to color on the covers of notebooks with regular markers, but put some of our Dr. Seuss Color It! Paper tape on the cover and you can add all the color you like. You’ll get four different black and white designs to color in with markers, crayons, or colored pencils, and each of them features a favorite Dr. Seuss character.

Order Art and School Supplies from GEDDES

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