kids and parents in a classroom working on an arts and crafts project

While the basic needs should be covered by school funding, sometimes classrooms need a little extra help. Whether you’re a teacher or the designated class parent, there may be special projects or events where you find yourself in need of additional funding.

Fortunately, in these situations the ideas for how to achieve this goal can be as plentiful as your imagination allows.

Creative Ways to Raise Classroom Funds

As you think about what the classroom needs are, you will want to take into consideration how quickly the extra money is needed. For example, if the funding is intended to help pay for a special outing, experience or field trip, it’s important to think about the date that may be happening to allow yourself enough time to meet your goal. This sort of advanced planning is helpful for acquiring any materials needed as well as the time commitment and support you need from others.

Fundraisers are often designed to be school-wide efforts, so you may have some of those typical methods in mind, but there are many creative ideas that can be applied for classroom specific fundraising too. Some thoughts to trigger your imagination for what might work for your classroom include: 

  1. Raffle off a chance to be “Teacher for the Day”
    Kids will love the opportunity to become “Teacher for the Day.” Sell raffle tickets for the chance to sit at the teacher’s desk and lead the classroom for a day, and use the proceeds toward your fundraising goals. The winner could be gifted a framed photo with the teacher and a certificate to commemorate the special occasion. This idea could also work several times throughout the school year, such as once a month, once per quarter or each semester, not only giving more students a chance to win the reward but also increasing the earning potential of the event.

  2. Offer class sponsorships
    Class sponsorships can be an attractive idea for local businesses to consider as it can give their business a bit of extra exposure. Sponsorships can be offered at tiered levels for various price points, with benefits to the business corresponding to the amount of their sponsorship. Benefits to the business can include mentions in class newsletters along with a link to their website, their business name and logo printed on a smaller banner or sign to be displayed in the classroom, and features on the school’s social media accounts, to name a few.

  3. Host an art fair
    Art fairs are an excellent opportunity for students to display their artistic talents. Creations can include digital art, drawings, paintings, pottery pieces and other handcrafted items. The treasures can then be displayed during a special classroom art fair and parents can bid on the items while at the event. After the event, the proceeds can be extended even further by creating a calendar or commemorative book highlighting photos of the masterpieces and offering it for sale to the students’ families.

  4. Plan a t-shirt competition
    Continuing on with the artistic theme, another fun take on that idea is to host a class t-shirt competition. Encourage students to come up with a creative design representing their class that can be featured on a t-shirt. Design elements could include the year they’ll graduate, school name, school mascot or any other favorite element. Students can vote on the design they like best and then the t-shirts with the winning design can be produced and offered for sale to students and their families.

  5. Open a class store
    A class store is a tried-and-true approach to raise money for your classroom, while also teaching students valuable lessons in working the store, managing inventory, how to make transactions and more. Essential items can include pens, pencils and erasers, and occasionally some other novelty, favorite and seasonal items, so it will serve both a practical and fun purpose.

Find Supplies to Help Raise Money for Your Classroom

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