5 Best Classroom Games to Make Learning More Fun

The end of the school year is quickly approaching, and with the warmer weather and sunny days, it’s no wonder kids are starting to have a bit of trouble focusing in the classroom. One way to perk up your students and get them excited about learning again is to engage them in some fun classroom games. These five games are always crowd-pleasers and, best of all, they each have educational value or can be adapted to incorporate whatever you’re currently teaching.


20 Objects

This is a fun memory game that kids of all ages enjoy! Place 20 different objects on a desk or table and set one minute on a timer. After a minute is up, cover all of the objects and have students write the names of as many objects as they remember. The student who remembers the most objects wins!

For younger students, you can make the game easier with 10 or 15 objects instead of 20. Language teachers especially love 20 Objects, because not only does it work students’ memories, it also helps bolster their vocabulary in the language they’re learning.



Ah, Bingo. You can never go wrong with Bingo—even people in retirement homes are avid fans! There’s just something universally fun about this classic game. It’s especially easy to adapt to different school subjects. Preschoolers can do Bingo with colors and numbers, kindergarteners can do sight word Bingo—there are endless possibilities. Be sure to have some novelty toys and games in your classroom treasure chest for the winners!


Marshmallow and Toothpick Structures

You can give kids a handful of marshmallows and toothpicks and they’ll keep themselves entertained for quite a while, or you can make it into a game by dividing students into groups and challenging them to cooperate in building the tallest structure possible in 5 minutes. This is a great way to develop teamwork and strengthen those all-important STEM muscles.


Pictionary or Charades

These two games are guaranteed to get a lot of laughs from your students! They’re excellent for science, history, and social studies, allowing you to easily incorporate the concepts you’re teaching, whether it’s mammals in biology or the Declaration of Independence in US history.

Older students will enjoy putting complex concepts into the form of pictures or gestures, but if you teach younger students, you might want to keep it a little bit simpler to prevent frustration.

Who Am I?

This is another classroom game that’s ideal for history class. Write the names of historical figures on pieces of paper and tape them to students’ backs. Have them take turns asking each other yes or no questions for clues until they can guess the name that’s taped onto their backs. To adapt the game for younger students, try doing the game about animals instead of people.

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