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The classroom is the foundational setting where most of a student’s learning is done, so it’s important for it to be as stimulating and welcoming as possible. Foster learning and creativity among students with engaging educational classroom decor that captivates their minds and imaginations. In this post, we’ll go over five classroom decor ideas to create an inspired setting where student passions can thrive.

1. Display Relevant Educational Content

Accomplish classroom decorating and supplemental instruction at the same time with educational themed decor that aligns with the class curriculum and goals. This customizes the decor to the specific needs of the students. For example, displaying posters with math formulas would be helpful for math classes like algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, while a detailed state map would be helpful for a geography or state history class. Providing the curriculum information to students in multiple formats is key to reaching as many student minds as possible, and incorporating curriculum themes into the classroom decor is a tool that allows students to take in the information on their own terms.

2. Interactive Decor

Don’t miss the opportunity to turn the classroom walls and spaces into interactive learning experiences with decor that actually encourages students to engage with the topics covered in class in a hands-on way. The setup will be different for each classroom, but incorporating a bulletin board or dry-erase board where students can independently work with class material is a great start. Use items that stimulate the senses to further hammer in concepts. Change the interactive decor content regularly to keep students interested and engaged.

3. Offer Unique Seating Options

If you’ve ever felt the pain of sitting in an old school desk/chair combo seat before, you know that uncomfortable seating can make learning difficult, if not downright impossible. Offering students a variety of seating options allows them to find a space where they can focus on classwork without discomfort. Bean bags, stools, low chairs, and even posture balls can be great choices for students from Kindergarten through high school, or take it to the next level with standing desks that promote productivity and physical activity.

4. Bring Nature Indoors

Plants are just a natural mood booster, bringing people feelings of peace and serenity by just being in their presence for short periods of time. From small potted plants to large indoor trees, plants of all shapes and sizes make great classroom decor additions (make sure no students are allergic before bringing plants into the classroom). Studies have shown that plants with bright flowers or pleasant smells tend to bring on the most beneficial effects, so go for options like basil, lavender, lemon balm, peace lilies, and other fragrant varieties. Bonus tip: Incorporate plant care into the student curriculum to make this calming classroom decor interactive, fostering learning through hands-on experience.

5. Showcase Student Accomplishments

No classroom is complete without an area to show off the students’ accomplishments. These can include special assignments, essays, art projects, or anything that shows how unique and talented the students really are. Students will feel a sense of pride when they see their work up on display, and this display area will serve as a fantastic motivator for other students to step up and get their own work on display.

GEDDES is Your Partner in Creating Meaningful Educational Experiences

Decorating a classroom is more than just shoving tables and desks where they will fit…it’s an opportunity for teachers and educators to really nurture student creativity, reinforce important lessons, and promote optimal student performance. The five classroom decor ideas listed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fun and effective ways you can use classroom decor to enhance the learning experience. Give students an environment where they feel comfortable, recognized, and safe to explore, then watch their potentials fly high!

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