4 Ways to Keep Your Kids School Supplies Germ Free

With cold and flu season upon us, as well as ongoing outbreaks of coronavirus, it can feel like germs are everywhere. And schools are often a place where those germs can multiply. It’s even more important now than ever to take extra steps to keep your family healthy and safe, particularly with little ones in the midst of the school year.


Tips to Help Keep Germs Away

All those backpacks, lunchboxes, pencils and other supplies can be easy targets for carrying germs back home, but not to fear – with a few easy precautions and actions at home, you can guard against those “unwelcome guests.” If you’re worried about your kids’ school supplies being covered in germs, here are a few tips to keep them germ free:

  1. It’s OK Not to Share
    We have been conditioned to be of the mindset that “sharing is caring,” especially when it comes to encouraging kids to be kind and share their school supplies, lunch snacks and other items that are fun to enjoy with friends and classmates. However, when it comes to warding off germs, this is one rule that’s best to break.

    Let kids know that they are helping to keep everyone healthy by not sharing their personal items because germs can be so readily shared right along with that pencil, bottle of glue or bag of chips. When possible, send kids to school with their own items so they won’t need to use general classroom supplies and tools that might be shared among many, such as markers, rulers, pencil sharpeners and packages of disinfecting wipes.


  1. Wash, Sanitize, Repeat
    Prevention is key – and frequent, thorough hand-washing is one of the best methods to prevent germs from being passed around or landing on kids’ school supplies. Encourage kids to wash their hands with soap as often as possible, and when they can’t use soap and water, hand sanitizer is an excellent substitute.

    Stock up their lunchbox, backpack, coat pocket and pencil case with a bottle of hand sanitizer so no matter where they are at school, whether in the cafeteria, on the playground, in the gym or seated at their desks in the classroom, they have sanitizer at the ready. It’s especially important to remind them to wash their hands or use sanitizer after coming into contact with high-touch objects like door handles, cafeteria trays and drinking fountains.

  2. Disinfect to Protect
    Sanitizing wipes and spray can help kill the germs that may be transported back and forth with your kids’ school items. When they get home each day, use wipes to clean off individual items such as pencils, binders, lunchboxes (inside and out) and school ID cards (including the lanyard it’s attached to).

    Disinfecting sprays can be used on larger or fabric items such as backpacks and sports bags. Any items that can be machine washed or placed in the dishwasher will benefit from an even deeper level of cleaning.

  3. Don’t Forget the Devices

    Phones, laptops, the computer mouse, earbuds, headphones…devices galore! These are an often-overlooked aspect of kids’ school supplies when it comes to keeping them clean and germ-free, even though they can be among the germiest in the collection of essential items they need for school.

    Be sure to regularly wipe down with sanitizing cloths on the surfaces that it’s safe to do so, and use alcohol wipes for direct contact with screens on your child’s laptop, phone or other devices.

Check Out School Supplies and Health Essentials

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