Rewards for Summer Reading Programs

Summer is approaching and when the final bell rings at the end of the school year, parents will turn their attention to finding summer programs for their kids.

Public libraries offer a great service to their communities through Summer Reading Programs. These programs are great for motivating kids to read and helping them develop good attitudes and habits when it comes to books. Virtually every library hosts one every year based around a particular theme.

This year’s theme is Fitness, Health, and Wellness to tie in with the Summer Olympics. You’ll see the official slogan “On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!” everywhere.

If your library is looking for rewards/incentives for kids enrolled in the program, here are some of our favorites:

1. Reading Rocks! Bookmark

Reading Rocks Bookmark

Nothing complements a summer reading program better than a Reading Rocks! Bookmark.

2. Reading Rocks! Pencil

Reading Rocks Pencil

How about a Reading Rocks! Pencil to complement your Reading Rocks! Bookmark

3. Dr. Seuss Stretch Bookmark

Dr. Seuss Stretch Bookmark

When it comes to reading, Dr. Seuss always needs to be involved. This stretchy bookmark fits over any book and it even doubles as a bracelet!

4. Dr. Seuss Journal

Let kids jot down notes and keep track of their reading progress in this compact journal.

5. Sports Ball Eraser

This year’s theme is a celebration of physical activity. What better way to celebrate than with some sports ball shaped erasers?

6. Sports Hangers Foam Kit

When kids need a break from exercising their minds with books, let them exercise their fingers with these foam craft kits. These are great souvenirs for them to take home.

7. NFL Pencil

Kids can tackle any challenge with our NFL pencils.

8. Football Sharpener

NFL Pencils need a football-sharpened pencil sharpener. Naturally.

9. Incentive Pencil

Give kids an extra boost of encouragement. “Incredible Kid”. “You Did It!”. Good Work!”.

10. Dr. Seuss Incentive Bookmark

Kids will become super readers with these incentive bookmarks.

11. Team Colors Bracelets


Fun, colorful bracelets that are perfect for the upcoming Olympics.

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