Summer Learning Activity Ideas for Elementary Students

Two Kids Reading Books Outside

If you’re a librarian or educator, you’ve probably spent the past several months trying to come up with ways to engage students even when you couldn’t interact with them in person. Now that it’s summer and many states are opening up again, there’s more opportunity for interaction, although much of...

Top 10 Fun Prize Ideas for Elementary School Students

Boy with party putty.

Whether you’re a parent organizing a fun fair, a librarian looking for incentives for a summer reading program, or a teacher wanting to reward star pupils, there are lots of reasons you might need some fun prize ideas for students. When purchasing for large groups of kids, you want to make sure th...

Top 10 Elementary School Store Ideas

Elementary school supply store ideas.

An elementary school store is a great way to raise funds to support your school and it’s also educational for kids. Let students take turns staffing the store to practice their math skills and learn about teamwork, responsibility, and entrepreneurship. The startup investment is low and the return ...

Raymond Geddes Cares - What We're Doing To Support You In Uncertain Times

2020 COVID response letter. Geddes cares.

Learning to Problem Solve

Problem solving. Multi-colored puzzle.

Having problem solving skills is essential for finding success in many aspects of life. From working towards financial success to fostering meaningful relationships, knowing how to approach a problem and working to create the best possible outcomes can make all the difference in one’s life. The ea...

Science in the Kitchen

Science for kids. Kitchen science experiment for children.

You don’t need to build a lab to teach your children about science in your home; you already have one! It is your very own kitchen. Kids love learning how to prepare food and doing so together in your kitchen will give them first-hand experiences that will show how many basic scientific processes ...