Spring Break Vacation from Routine, Not Learning

Spring Break Vacation from Routine, Not Learning

It is never too early to begin planning for spring break and, for teachers, these plans often include homework for students to complete during the vacation. As one can imagine, not every student nor parent supports assignments that are given for completion during spring break—even when the assignm...

Text Speak Threatens Effective Communication

Text Speak Threatens Effective Communication

The ease with which we communicate today is unlike that of any previous generation. Our belongings include home phones, cell phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops—all essential devices for staying in contact with others. With our gadgets in hand and WiFi nearby, we can send a message to almost an...

Depending on Data to Drive Instruction

depending on data to drive instruction

These days, teachers have access to a plethora of data about students. From the beginning, students complete course benchmarks and state-mandated high-stakes tests, leaving data to be mined not only for verification of student performance, but teacher performance, as well. Schools rely on data to ...

Banish Winter Classroom Blues

Banish Winter Classroom Blues

The middle of winter can be a difficult time for students to maintain their focus and keep up their ambitions. The cold weather and dark days test their abilities to concentrate. While class only resumed a few weeks ago, students may be acting like they need another vacation already. This is a cru...

Relax by Coloring

Relax by coloring

Take a quick look at the available options consumers now have among coloring books and you instantly will know that coloring is not strictly for kids. Besides character-themed books like those showcasing the latest animated characters, coloring books are filled with adult-appeal. Whether one prefe...

What to Do on the First Day Back Following Winter Break

Winter Break

With the end of winter break quickly approaching, you will want to make resuming the school routine simple and easy. Choose from these ideas to start the new year off right with your students. Each is seamlessly adjustable to fit any age or course. Plus, each one requires minimal preparation and f...