Inexpensive & Fun School Supplies That Help Make Learning Fun

fun pen toppers

There was a time when all pencils were yellow, erasers were rubbery pink rectangles, and your choices for pens were black or blue. These days, school supplies come in a rainbow of colors, emblazoned with popular cartoon characters, and even in a variety of scents. At GEDDES, we specialize in disco...

5 School Supplies To Buy In Bulk For Your Teacher

rows of colored pencils

Teachers go above and beyond for their students every single day. One example of this in action is the many teachers who spend their own money to ensure that their students have the supplies they need to learn. Buying bulk school supplies for your child’s school or classroom is a simple way to eas...

How To Decorate Your School Supplies

different colored rolls of washi tape

At GEDDES, we’re known for our fun, colorful school supplies, but there’s still something to be said for letting kids decorate and customize their own pens, pencils, and notebooks. It’s a great rainy day activity, for one, and it also lets kids express their personalities by creating supplies that...

Items to Sell in a School Store

Student Laying on Ground Surrounded by School Supplies

At GEDDES, we specialize in selling school supplies, and over the years we’ve also built a reputation as the experts when it comes to running school stores. Whether you’re considering starting a store at your school or you already have one and are looking for some new inventory to carry, here are ...

How to Keep Your Student Motivated While Learning at Home

Young Girl Learning at Kitchen Table

If you’ve been working from home during the pandemic, you’ve probably noticed your motivation flagging over these past few months. At first, it might be external distractions keeping you from devoting your full attention to work, but then it shifts into an inability to focus on anything substantiv...

Ways to Promote Kindness at School

Two Masked Kids Bumping Elbows

There are many reasons to encourage kindness in the classroom. It’s an important strategy for preventing bullying, it fosters connection and belonging, it improves self-esteem, and it reduces stress and depression. If you’re wondering how to promote kindness at school, here are some simple ideas t...