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From Snow Days to Virtual Learning Days

How to deal with snow days

When snowstorms turn school districts into winter wonderlands, everybody’s routine can be thrown off track. If inclement weather is too severe for travel, schools close, often to the delight of students who have grown accustomed to using the extra time to play outside, rest, and relax. Many teache...

Breaking Back into the School Routine

How to get back to a routine after winter break

Clearly, the new 2019 calendar is proof that the holidays are over for a while, but kids are still wound up from their winter celebrations. It is a challenge to get kids settled down, but it is a job that must be done. To help kids refocus on their studies, parents and teachers can use several tec...

An All-Inclusive Approach to Winter Holidays

How to create all-inclusive winter holidays

With winter break awaiting right around the corner, you are probably anxious to spread holiday cheer throughout your classroom. Depending on your school’s policy, celebrating winter holidays may have to follow strict guidelines. Your diverse students celebrate in ways unique to their cultures and ...

What to Do on the First Day Back Following Winter Break

Winter Break

With the end of winter break quickly approaching, you will want to make resuming the school routine simple and easy. Choose from these ideas to start the new year off right with your students. Each is seamlessly adjustable to fit any age or course. Plus, each one requires minimal preparation and f...

Teaching with Snow

Teaching with Snow

While skiing and sledding may be on your agenda this winter, don't forget to use that snow for something educational, too! Snow-based lessons are perfect for addressing science and math standards at many levels. Begin by explaining the basics of what it takes to make snow. The air above us is fill...