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8 Techniques to Keep Students Engaged

8 Techniques to Keep Students Engaged

Let's face it. For most teachers, getting their students to focus and stay engaged during classroom instruction is challenging. How do you capture student attention and sustain this despite the students' differing abilities and skill levels? What do you do about the limited attention spans of many...

School Supplies: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

Saving Money Shopping for School

School supply hunting season is upon us. The first week in July reveals empty cardboard displays in bright, school bus yellow-gold, ready to be filled with pens, notebooks, sticky notes and day planners to be bought and sold.

And buy we do, a report from the National School Supply and Equipment A...

Teaching to Prevent and Treat Dyslexia

Teaching to prevent and treat dyslexia.

Dyslexia is considered one of the most common learning disabilities. A cognitive language disorder related to both reading and speech, dyslexia is characterized by difficulty learning to read and comprehend written language, despite normal or even above-average intelligence. Although it is true in...

Why Flash Cards Work

Why Flash Cards Work

Some students swear by cramming right before tests. Others insist on highlighting or underlining important material while reading textbooks. From neumonic devices to silly rhymes or songs, effective study techniques vary from person to person, but flash cards have been a tried and true method of l...

7 Insightful Tips for Teaching Kids with Hearing Loss

7 tips for teaching kids with hearing loss

Students with disabilities can face a variety of academic and social hurdles. This can make school a difficult experience, even for children who love to learn. It's critical that teachers comply with federal laws as well as 504 plans and individualized education plans (IEPs) for legal reasons. It'...

Tips for Utilizing Your Non-Teaching Time

Tips for Utilizing Your Non-Teaching Time

If there's one thing every teacher would like to have, it's time. Between grading, lesson planning, and dealing with administrative duties, it can feel like there's hardly any time to complete the work you have to do when you're not in the classroom. But with some planning and forethought you can ...