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Stocking the School Store for a Target Age

Stocking the school store with age appropriate items

To make your school store a success, stock it with merchandise appropriate for your target market. Knowing your customer is key in retail. To profit, you must carry the items your customers want and need. When we think of supplies that students need for school, we often think of general supplies, ...

6 Steps to Make Your School Store Work

school store tips for success

Are you trying to raise funds for a field trip or new classroom equipment? Would you believe that there is a way to earn cash for these while teaching your students how they can apply the skills that they are learning in school to the real-world? Running a school store in your building is a profit...

Prepping for Field Trips 101

Field Trip Picss

Whether your kids love their school and their teachers or they’re struggling to adapt to the structure of the classroom setting, there’s one thing all school-age children can agree on: field trips are amazing. Every kid loves skipping a day of classroom activities to hop on a bus with classmates a...

10 Tips to Help Stop Bullying

10 Tips to Help Stop Bullying

While generations before us may have shrugged off bullying as a part of life, we know that its effects are serious. No one at any age should be the target of repeated unwanted aggression, but school-aged children are most vulnerable. Bullies are powerful, or so they seem to the victims. Bullies us...

How to Dialogue with Students about Hate and Violence

How to Talk with Students about Hate and Violence

Whether students encounter hate and violence first-hand or indirectly, they need guidance in coping with these issues. They may be exposed to such acts on the evening news or may even be victims themselves. From bullying to school shootings, kids are aware of serious problems that are occurring ar...

Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude

Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude

Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude

Long a staple of religious and philosophical study, gratitude has been gaining popularity in recent years. As more psychologists and scientists study the effects of gratitude on emotional and mental health, the results of adopting an attitude of gratitude are bec...