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Keeping Up with Kids’ Trends

When young learners set out to master writing skills, they will meet many challenges.  Use these supplies to help students become interested in writing.

Tech toys will always be vying for kids’ attention. Interactive toys like robots and remote-control gadgets are great attention-grabbers for kids who show an interest in STEM fields. They are also attractive to those who love using their hands. From simple devices to those that teach kids about co...

Smart Phones: Helpful or Dangerous?

Kids and cell phones? Good idea?

Smartphones have brought amazing changes to our lives, so much so that they have become a necessity for many. The desire to own a cell phone is common among adults, and it is not surprising to find that kids of all ages feel this way too. Many parents debate about when to allow their children to p...

Ordinary Art Supplies, Unique Artwork

Ordinary Art Supplies, Unique Artwork

With all the new technology creeping into classrooms, it is no wonder why boxes of crayons are hidden in the back of students' desks. The push to digitize has left supplies of colorful and scented markers to gather dust. It seems that going paperless has just about eliminated the option for using ...

App Presents Opts: Pokemon Go Tricks Kids into Learning, Exercising

Pokemon Go

Niantic's hot new app Pokemon Go continues to astound the nation since its midsummer release, leaving teachers to wonder how their classes will be affected by the fervor. Since the game is played on cellphones, many schools plan to keep Pokemon at bay by enforcing strict cellphone policies. Althou...

Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom. Good idea or bad idea?

Over the past 20 years, as the use of technology has increased, debate has taken place among educators, parents and students about the use of technology in the classroom, where tools are integrated into daily instruction.


Keeps the practice of teaching fresh

Introducing new technology in t...

New Shop Class Technologies Prevent Lost Opportunities

The shop class of yesteryear had been a staple in many high schools across the country. In these courses, students learned tool and machinery operations along with skills in safety, collaboration, and communication. Still, people perceived shop class as a dumping ground for students unable to achiev...