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Keeping Up with Kids’ Trends

When young learners set out to master writing skills, they will meet many challenges.  Use these supplies to help students become interested in writing.

Tech toys will always be vying for kids’ attention. Interactive toys like robots and remote-control gadgets are great attention-grabbers for kids who show an interest in STEM fields. They are also attractive to those who love using their hands. From simple devices to those that teach kids about co...

The FAQ's of Coding in the Classroom

Coding in the classroom.

Computer programming has become extremely popular and has been on the rise for decades. It's no wonder it's gaining such popularity with hit TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, which target America's youth. Most educators who do not have experience with computer programming, though, are left wonder...

Getting the Right Ed-Tech into Schools

edtech in classrooms

Educational technology, also known as ed-tech, has increased significantly in both number and quality in recent years. Ed-tech comprises a litany of instructional software designed to help students in the classroom with everything from math and science to reading and writing.

The makers of ed-tec...