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5 Easy Ways to Get Children Reading Quickly

The following is a guest post from author Hannah Braun. Hannah runs the website The Classroom Key where she focuses on helping teachers simplify planning and on helping them bring joy for learning into their classrooms. She draws on her Master's Degree and on her experience teaching in schools acros...

Teaching with Unicorns

Teaching with Unicorns

We see them on T-shirts, coffee cups, and stickers. They are made into everything from stuffed animals to emojis. Everybody wants one, but no one can have the real thing. Since becoming a figment of man's imagination in ancient times, the unicorn has galloped to the forefront of modern man's own f...

Should Teachers Use Prize Boxes?

Should teachers use prize boxes?

Teachers often use awards selected by students from a prize box. Kids love the colorful writing supplies, inspiring bookmarks, eye-catching pencil accessories, and other prizes for students. These prizes can be given for a variety of reasons. To earn a prize, students may have to reach a learning ...

Gaining Girls' Interest in Football with Math

Gaining Girls' Interest in Football

The rough and tumble game of football does not always appeal to a female audience. Girls may have a difficult time appreciating the game. It can be hard for them to connect to football, especially when female players are few and far between. Fans of football look forward to watching their teams ba...

Holiday Homework for Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Homework Ideas

This Thanksgiving, don't let your elementary students feed only their bellies over the holiday. Nourish their minds, too! These ideas for holiday homework easily integrate classroom activities with family and real-world connections. Our Thanksgiving traditions are packed with what our diets need f...

Teach Students Using Hands-On Activities

Hands on Learning

Some students learn best when they are actively engaged with the concept about which they are learning. While some learn easily by listening to a lecture or by reading from a textbook, tactile learners pick up new concepts when their hands are involved in the learning process. Many students' learn...