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What to Do on the First Day Back Following Winter Break

Winter Break

With the end of winter break quickly approaching, you will want to make resuming the school routine simple and easy. Choose from these ideas to start the new year off right with your students. Each is seamlessly adjustable to fit any age or course. Plus, each one requires minimal preparation and f...

Redo Your Teacher's Desk

A Messy Desk

If you are a teacher, you know that inevitably as the school year rolls on your desk can become a cluttered mess. With the thousands of things that teachers are responsible for, it’s easy to let paperwork, craft assignments and gifts from students pile up on your desk.

If you find yourself shovin...

Easing the Burden of Different Student Levels in the Same Classroom

Different student levels. Children looking at a computer screen.

All children come to school with vastly different backgrounds, which can directly impact their core knowledge base and how they learn. Some students have parents who are more than willing to help in the education process, while other parents are skittish at openly demonstrating skills they may not...

7 Insightful Tips for Teaching Kids with Hearing Loss

7 tips for teaching kids with hearing loss

Students with disabilities can face a variety of academic and social hurdles. This can make school a difficult experience, even for children who love to learn. It's critical that teachers comply with federal laws as well as 504 plans and individualized education plans (IEPs) for legal reasons. It'...

Tips for Utilizing Your Non-Teaching Time

Tips for Utilizing Your Non-Teaching Time

If there's one thing every teacher would like to have, it's time. Between grading, lesson planning, and dealing with administrative duties, it can feel like there's hardly any time to complete the work you have to do when you're not in the classroom. But with some planning and forethought you can ...