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Where to Find Educational Summer Fun in Your Community

Rainy Day Recess

Has summer just begun and you're already hearing your children unceasingly lament over their boredom? Perhaps you, yourself, are weary of seeing them zoned out in front of a screen with mouths agape, eyes glossy, and brains turning to mush. Summer vacation doesn't have to be like this! You want yo...

How to Keep Kids Focused on Learning and Not Summer

Keep Calm. It's nearly the end of school

It's hard to believe that summer break is right around the corner! The increase in temperature often leads to a decrease in students' attention spans. Kids begin daydreaming about upcoming vacations. Many stress over future final exams and end-of-course assessments. These can be difficult challeng...

Rewards for Summer Reading Programs

Summer is approaching and when the final bell rings at the end of the school year, parents will turn their attention to finding summer programs for their kids.

Public libraries offer a great service to their communities through Summer Reading Programs. These programs are great for motivating kids t...

The Evolution of Summer School

summer school

Summer school has long been a part of education efforts in the U.S., and it's not just about remedial education, though that is a large part of what summer school entails. However, in recent years schools have been also been offering advanced summer classes as part of enrichment programs for stude...

How to Get a Summer Internship as a Freshman

how to get a summer internship as a freshman

Summer internships are often seen as the domain of upperclassmen looking to get some real-world experience under their belt before they graduate. In some cases an internship may even be a requirement for graduation. However, more and more underclassmen are interested in getting summer internships ...

How to Keep Students Busy During the Summer

Now that school is out, it’s hard to know how to best occupy students in order to keep them productive and learning throughout the summer months. It’s beneficial for students to have the learning and growing process continue during the summer so they have a smooth transition when they return to scho...