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A Summer’s Worth of Reading Opportunities

Fidget toys are helpful in school, but they also have their place at home, in the car, and around town.  Here’s how they can help kids.

We want our kids to play, rest, and relax this summer, but we also want them to continue learning as well as retain all the knowledge that they gained over the course of the school year. When opportunities for learning throughout the summer are scarce, kids may find themselves going down the summe...

Exploration through a Summer Reading Program

Exploration through a Summer Reading Program

This year’s summer reading program is out of this world! Since we will all be celebrating space exploration and Neil Armstrong’s 50-year anniversary of walking on the moon, the Collaborative Summer Literacy Program (CSLP) has developed the slogan “A Universe of Stories” for 2019. Not only will thi...

A New School Year, a New Bedtime

A New Year, A New Bed Time

As summer nears its end, your children will need to get back to an ideal sleep routine. For those who have gotten into the routine of staying up late and sleeping the mornings away, this can be a challenge your family faces. When will be the new bedtime once school is back in session? According to...

Finding Summer Reading Programs

Finding Summer Reading Programs

This summer, encourage your children to join a summer reading program in your community. Engaging in this could help students retain and improve their reading skills. You want the slides on playgrounds and at waterparks to be the only slides they experience this vacation, not the summer slide asso...

Pros and Cons of Extending the School Year

Pros and Cons of Extending the School Year

Beginning in the 1840’s, with the dawn of an organized school system, schools have operated on a partial-year basis. This system allowed rural students time off for harvesting and planting, while urban schools gave students time for summer vacation. In recent years, the movement towards year-round...

Keeping Children Engaged in Learning during Summer Break

Keeping kids engaged in learning during summer break

The “summer slide” describes the decline in academic skills and knowledge that affects students during the extended summer break. This “summer slide” varies across grade levels, subject matter and socioeconomic status. On average, students lose the equivalent of two months of reading and math skil...