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Here Comes Spring: Lessons for the New Season

Spring Lesson Plans

The snow and cold temperatures experienced this winter have been too much for some people to endure, and yet, the weather still persists! It seems like spring will never arrive, but, in fact, it is already here in some ways. The change in seasons is marked by the return of migratory birds, the app...

Spring Break Vacation from Routine, Not Learning

Spring Break Vacation from Routine, Not Learning

It is never too early to begin planning for spring break and, for teachers, these plans often include homework for students to complete during the vacation. As one can imagine, not every student nor parent supports assignments that are given for completion during spring break—even when the assignm...

Spring Outside for Education

Spring Science

As spring arrives, changes occur all around us. Flowers break through the earth, stretching petals toward the sun. Grass greens. Birds chirp wildly, soon filling their nests with eggs. The wind carries a croaking cacophony from a chorus of toads at a pond auditorium. Verdant tree leaves unfurl in ...