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Best Sensory Toys & Silent Classroom Fidgets for Elementary Students


Decades ago, schools used to discipline kids who couldn’t sit still. Luckily, we know better now—many students move their bodies not to be disruptive, but because doing so helps them feel grounded or process new information. Sensory supplies and silent classroom fidgets can help students keep t...

Squishy Squash: A Lesson in Destruction

Assorted squishy toys from Raymond Geddes.

When you tell your elementary students that part of today’s lesson involves destroying a squishy toy, their jaws will probably drop in awe. Sure, they love tearing apart their squishies, but never have they thought that anything could be learned from doing so. Kids like squishies for all kinds of ...

Busy Hands to Better Learning

Girl with a fidget spinner. Sensory toys from Raymond Geddes.

Kids seem to have short attention spans these days. The way technology is often used by kids does not help much either. Even adults admit to letting their cell phones and other devices impose upon their lives. Many people, young and old, are conditioning themselves to allow distractions to take ov...