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The Easiest Way to Order Your Kids School Supplies

orange backpack filled with school supplies next to a stack of books


The easiest way to order your kids’ school supplies is browsing and shopping the most robust online store for schools that serves school districts, teachers, administrators and parents alike. While many of our customers are indeed affiliated with schools or parent-teacher groups, we have plenty...

Influencing Learning and Creativity with Color

Assorted colored pencils.

Blue, black, gray, white. These are the common colors of our school supplies for writing. While they are enough to get the job done, they are ordinary. Adding a splash of color to a child’s pencil box can make all the difference in one’s level of interest in learning and creativity. Bringing in a ...

School Kits Facilitate Learning in Your Community
This article describes the kind of supplies one will find in Geddes School Kits and how they can help students meet their educational goals.