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Stocking the School Store for a Target Age

Stocking the school store with age appropriate items

To make your school store a success, stock it with merchandise appropriate for your target market. Knowing your customer is key in retail. To profit, you must carry the items your customers want and need. When we think of supplies that students need for school, we often think of general supplies, ...

6 Steps to Make Your School Store Work

school store tips for success

Are you trying to raise funds for a field trip or new classroom equipment? Would you believe that there is a way to earn cash for these while teaching your students how they can apply the skills that they are learning in school to the real-world? Running a school store in your building is a profit...

School Store Needs Change in Inventory

Changes in school store inventory

Have sales become stagnant at your school store? Now is the time to clear out old inventory to make room for new products. You will need to develop a strategy that will lead to maximizing profits. Here are a few points to consider as you develop best practices for your school store’s operations du...

School Store at Palmer Elementary School

Sara A. is just one of a few dedicated volunteers who help make the school store at Palmer Elementary School in Easton, PA a success. She took a few moments to tell us about their school store.

School store and Palmer Elementary

1) What is your name and your role?

There are a few of us on the School Store Committee (Allison, Laur...

School Stores Profit with Student Marketing

Marketing at the school store

Are you running a school store and want your students to learn about marketing to consumers? After teaching your students some marketing basics, try some fun activities that will help your class learn and use their creativity to help improve the school store's sales.

The Basics

First, your stude...

Fundraise Together

Fundraise Together

No parent wants a child to miss out on an important opportunity when in school. Sometimes, however, it is challenging to fund all the great learning experiences we want our children to have. Luckily, the PTA is willing to step up by taking on fundraising responsibilities. This can help a school di...