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Recess Before Lunch

Recess before lunch?

Traditionally, schools schedule students' lunchtime before their midday recess. Recently, some health and wellness experts have questioned whether this order works best for children. We know kids can have difficulties learning when they are hungry, so they need to eat. Recess is just as important ...

Rainy Day Recess

Rainy Day Recess

When the weather outside is frightful, teachers have to cancel recess on the playground. Don't let the rain dampen your chance to enjoy the break inside. Brighten up a dreary day with activities that encourage learning, movement, and, most importantly, play.

Balloons and Balls

Even without gymna...

The Case for Recess

The Rise of Common Core Math

Imagine going to work for seven or eight hours straight without taking a single coffee break. Never spending a few moments chatting with your coworkers around the water cooler. Never getting up from your desk to stretch your legs or walk around the office for a few minutes.

The idea is almost unf...