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Fear-Free for the First Day

First Day of School


The first day of school is an exciting time. Some children can’t wait to go. They look forward to beginning a new school year while others are completely terrified. Whether your children are going to school for the very first time or are headed into a new grade level at a different building, yo...

Rebuilding Your Classroom Library
Classroom Library
Take Inventory

Summer vacation is a great time to restock and reorganize your classroom library.  What changes can you make to your existing collection that will further and support literacy instruction for your students?  First, make time to quickly go through the books you currently have.  T...
A Summer’s Worth of Reading Opportunities

Fidget toys are helpful in school, but they also have their place at home, in the car, and around town.  Here’s how they can help kids.

We want our kids to play, rest, and relax this summer, but we also want them to continue learning as well as retain all the knowledge that they gained over the course of the school year. When opportunities for learning throughout the summer are scarce, kids may find themselves going down the summe...

Exploration through a Summer Reading Program

Exploration through a Summer Reading Program

This year’s summer reading program is out of this world! Since we will all be celebrating space exploration and Neil Armstrong’s 50-year anniversary of walking on the moon, the Collaborative Summer Literacy Program (CSLP) has developed the slogan “A Universe of Stories” for 2019. Not only will thi...

Seuss Appeal: Starts, Keeps Kids Reading

Keep kids reading with Dr. Seuss

For decades, books by Dr. Seuss have encouraged people of all ages to become life-long readers. Their popularity spans the globe, leaving many aspiring authors of children’s books wondering how they themselves can write such timeless and successful stories. The key to Dr. Seuss’s craft lies in his...

Comics: A Positive Influence on Girls’ Self-Esteem

Using comics to help girls to read more

There is a new need for superheroes, and it is not fighting crime. We all know that growing up is not easy. So many of us have struggled with self-esteem issues from childhood through adolescence, and for girls, this period can seem like one never-ending battle. During this time, girls struggle to...