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Parenting When Your Child Is the Bully

What happens if your child is the bully?

Although bullying among children has always existed, it seems that only in the recent past have people really taken a stand against it. An increased awareness of the problem has led schools to embark on anti-bullying education and to adopt zero-tolerance policies against offenders. In school today...

Teacher Tips for Parents Preparing to Send Kids Back to School

Teacher Tips for parents preparing to send kids back to school

Teachers want parents to know that there are several things that can be done now to help prepare students for a great school year ahead. Before summer vacation ends, begin preparing your children for their return to the classroom. You want your kids to be ready to learn on day one instead of scram...

Time for Change? How to Know Your Child Needs a New Teacher

How to know when your child needs a new teacher

As long as you are not planning to homeschool your child, you can count on having a long-term relationship with your child's school and its teachers. You want to send your student off each day with confidence knowing the school will make your child successful. Your child's classroom teachers can b...

Inspiring Parent Involvement

Inspiring Parent Involvement

Following a scheduled school-wide parent-teacher conference night, administrators will not be surprised to hear their teachers comment about low attendance. Oftentimes teachers remark about how the parents they really need to see are the ones who avoid the event. Schools nationwide face the dilemm...

Things Teachers Want to Tell Parents

Things Parents Should Know

There are many things that all parents can do to help their children have a successful school year and to increase their learning. What are the most important things that teachers would like parents to know? What can parents do to work in tandem with the teacher to provide the best help for their ...