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Throwing Football into Math

Throwing Football into Math. How you can use the popular sport to teach math.

You will never hear a master math teacher declare that football is just a game. Football can be used to illustrate essential mathematical concepts: addition, percentages, averages, and probability all have their place on the playing field. Games on the gridiron constantly provide new opportunities...

Reading and Math Websites for Students

Reading and Math Websites for Students

As adults we sometimes struggle with how much technology our children should use and when. Fortunately there are some educational websites geared towards improving students’ academics and helping them practice their computer skills. These websites are great for educators looking to enrich center t...

New Math or Common Core

New Math or Common Core

The Common Core: reactions include arguments that it will be dumbed-down, too rigorous, too rigid, too lax, and, of course, will bring an end to education as we know it. Others view it as the same old system of education dressed in a pretty new suit and freshly-shined shoes. There is also a group ...

The Relationship Between Math and Music

The relationship between math and music

Music is usually a favorite class among elementary school children. Older students often opt to continue their study of the subject by joining the school band or orchestra to learn how to play an instrument.

Math, at first mention, may seem like it's at the opposite end of the spectrum. After all...