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Seuss Appeal: Starts, Keeps Kids Reading

Keep kids reading with Dr. Seuss

For decades, books by Dr. Seuss have encouraged people of all ages to become life-long readers. Their popularity spans the globe, leaving many aspiring authors of children’s books wondering how they themselves can write such timeless and successful stories. The key to Dr. Seuss’s craft lies in his...

Comics: A Positive Influence on Girls’ Self-Esteem

Using comics to help girls to read more

There is a new need for superheroes, and it is not fighting crime. We all know that growing up is not easy. So many of us have struggled with self-esteem issues from childhood through adolescence, and for girls, this period can seem like one never-ending battle. During this time, girls struggle to...

5 Easy Ways to Get Children Reading Quickly

The following is a guest post from author Hannah Braun. Hannah runs the website The Classroom Key where she focuses on helping teachers simplify planning and on helping them bring joy for learning into their classrooms. She draws on her Master's Degree and on her experience teaching in schools acros...

Finding Summer Reading Programs

Finding Summer Reading Programs

This summer, encourage your children to join a summer reading program in your community. Engaging in this could help students retain and improve their reading skills. You want the slides on playgrounds and at waterparks to be the only slides they experience this vacation, not the summer slide asso...

The Magic of Dr. Seuss

The Magic of Dr. Seuss

For more than five decades, Dr. Seuss published children's books that will undoubtedly remain literary staples for posterity. Born Theodor Seuss Geisel, Dr. Seuss developed a love for reading and word play from his mother Henrietta Seuss Geisel. His creativity may have been inspired by frequent tr...

Literacy Skills Addressed by Comics and Graphic Novels

Literacy Skills addressed by comics and graphic novels

While you won't find too many copies of superhero comics such as Superman or Batman in a teacher's classroom resources, you may discover the titles of other comics or graphic novels. Using these kinds of texts with a class can help improve students' skills in reading and writing. Even though we of...