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Squishy Squash: A Lesson in Destruction

Assorted squishy toys from Raymond Geddes.

When you tell your elementary students that part of today’s lesson involves destroying a squishy toy, their jaws will probably drop in awe. Sure, they love tearing apart their squishies, but never have they thought that anything could be learned from doing so. Kids like squishies for all kinds of ...

Here Comes Spring: Lessons for the New Season

Spring Lesson Plans

The snow and cold temperatures experienced this winter have been too much for some people to endure, and yet, the weather still persists! It seems like spring will never arrive, but, in fact, it is already here in some ways. The change in seasons is marked by the return of migratory birds, the app...

March Madness Math

March Madness Math

Sports tournaments are great ways to get your students excited to practice math, and few tournaments generate excitement equal to that of March Madness. Each year, schools that belong to the NCAA fight for a chance to be contenders in the ultimate basketball championship tournament. While many tea...

Art Sells: Kids Still Love Tech-less Projects

Art Sells: Kids Still Love Tech-less Projects

Today's classrooms rely heavily on technology, but devices are not the only useful tool in learning. Hands-on activities inspire learning and creativity. With a few materials, kids can build amazing things with their talent. Enrich any lesson with a little time spent on arts and crafts.

When kids...

Olympic Life Lessons

Olympic Life Lessons

This summer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will host the world's Summer Olympic Games of 2016 from August 5 to August 21. As the hype for the games continues to increase, so does speculation about which contenders will take home the coveted medals. The games, however, are about more than someone being t...

Lessons for the Election Year

Lessons for the election year

Campaign fever is in the air! This year, the 2016 Presidential Election offers ample learning opportunities for students of all ages. The early grades will surely participate in many voting simulations as they choose among the best books in the classroom and their favorite storybook characters. As...