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Here Comes Spring: Lessons for the New Season

Spring Lesson Plans

The snow and cold temperatures experienced this winter have been too much for some people to endure, and yet, the weather still persists! It seems like spring will never arrive, but, in fact, it is already here in some ways. The change in seasons is marked by the return of migratory birds, the app...

March Madness Math

March Madness Math

Sports tournaments are great ways to get your students excited to practice math, and few tournaments generate excitement equal to that of March Madness. Each year, schools that belong to the NCAA fight for a chance to be contenders in the ultimate basketball championship tournament. While many tea...

Teaching with Unicorns

Teaching with Unicorns

We see them on T-shirts, coffee cups, and stickers. They are made into everything from stuffed animals to emojis. Everybody wants one, but no one can have the real thing. Since becoming a figment of man's imagination in ancient times, the unicorn has galloped to the forefront of modern man's own f...

Winter Olympics Lesson Ideas

Winter Olympics Lesson Plans

February 9th marks the start of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Athletes from 90 countries will travel to PyeongChang, South Korea, to compete for a chance to win a world championship in their sport. The Olympics is an exciting event for athletes and spectators alike. Use this year's games to teach usef...

Lessons for Use with a School Store

Lessons for use with a school store

School stores offer students more than school supplies. They are in the business of teaching entrepreneurial skills and financial management, too. No matter what grade your students are in, plan to use the school store in your lessons so students can use the theories taught in the curriculum in re...

Teaching with Snow

Teaching with Snow

While skiing and sledding may be on your agenda this winter, don't forget to use that snow for something educational, too! Snow-based lessons are perfect for addressing science and math standards at many levels. Begin by explaining the basics of what it takes to make snow. The air above us is fill...