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Pros and Cons of Extending the School Year

Pros and Cons of Extending the School Year

Beginning in the 1840’s, with the dawn of an organized school system, schools have operated on a partial-year basis. This system allowed rural students time off for harvesting and planting, while urban schools gave students time for summer vacation. In recent years, the movement towards year-round...

Keeping Children Engaged in Learning during Summer Break

Keeping kids engaged in learning during summer break

The “summer slide” describes the decline in academic skills and knowledge that affects students during the extended summer break. This “summer slide” varies across grade levels, subject matter and socioeconomic status. On average, students lose the equivalent of two months of reading and math skil...

Homework Can Be a Meaningful Learning Experience

Homework can be a meaningful learning experience

Some claim that long hours spent on homework plagues today's students. Even if this is a myth, we can each surely recall a time when we struggled for too long on a particular assignment. Bad homework nights happen; if they seem to be the norm for a student, however, then the parents should act on ...

How Sesame Street Changed Everything

How Sesame Street Changed Everything

It's almost impossible to imagine a trip down the toy aisle without spying Big Bird, Grover, or Oscar the Grouch peeking out from the shelves. Sesame Street has been providing its unique mixture of education and entertainment long before the days of Doc McStuffins or Dora the Explorer.

Although c...

The Story of the Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller Friendship

Helen Keller with Anne Sullivan.

Many people think they know the story of Helen Keller, the girl who suffered from being blind and deaf. What many don't know is that without Anne Sullivan's patience, guidance, and friendship, Helen Keller never would have been transformed into the woman and success story she became. Keller was bo...

Games like Bingo Increase Learning

Bingo cards.

It's been proven time and time again, learning is easier when kids are having fun. When learning is fun, kids not only enjoy what they're doing, but they tend to retain more of the information, so it's a win-win situation for students and teachers alike. Kids often look forward to games and they c...