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Tips for Reducing Homework Stress

Tips for Reducing Homework Stress

Just the thought of homework can fill children and their parents with anxiety. Problems arise for a variety of reasons. The students may have weak homework skills or may be confused by the teachers' or parents' expectations. Too much homework can cause problems, too. The resulting issues can lead ...

Holiday Homework for Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Homework Ideas

This Thanksgiving, don't let your elementary students feed only their bellies over the holiday. Nourish their minds, too! These ideas for holiday homework easily integrate classroom activities with family and real-world connections. Our Thanksgiving traditions are packed with what our diets need f...

The Homework Battle

The Homework Battle

What is homework exactly? Is it the bane of every student's existence or the tried-and-true method for mastering a skill? Is it extra practice to be done at home or is it the leftover material too vast to be covered during one class session? Perhaps homework is meaningful or perhaps it is busy-wor...

Homework Can Be a Meaningful Learning Experience

Homework can be a meaningful learning experience

Some claim that long hours spent on homework plagues today's students. Even if this is a myth, we can each surely recall a time when we struggled for too long on a particular assignment. Bad homework nights happen; if they seem to be the norm for a student, however, then the parents should act on ...