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Valentine’s Day the Fun, Academic Way

Valentine’s Day the Fun, Academic Way

February 14 is quickly approaching, so now is the time to begin planning a few fun academic Valentine’s Day activities to use with your elementary students. From handmade crafts to projects requiring critical thinking skills, these activities will open one’s heart to a love for creativity. While t...

Breaking Back into the School Routine

How to get back to a routine after winter break

Clearly, the new 2019 calendar is proof that the holidays are over for a while, but kids are still wound up from their winter celebrations. It is a challenge to get kids settled down, but it is a job that must be done. To help kids refocus on their studies, parents and teachers can use several tec...

An All-Inclusive Approach to Winter Holidays

How to create all-inclusive winter holidays

With winter break awaiting right around the corner, you are probably anxious to spread holiday cheer throughout your classroom. Depending on your school’s policy, celebrating winter holidays may have to follow strict guidelines. Your diverse students celebrate in ways unique to their cultures and ...

Everlasting Appeal for A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Appeal of a Charlie Brown Christmas

What holiday movies will your kids be watching this Christmas? The Polar Express? Elf? The Grinch? With so many recent additions to the Christmas film library, is there still an interest in watching A Charlie Brown Christmas? As it turns out, the themes within this classic are timeless. From deali...

Handling Holiday Consumerism with Your Class

Handling Holiday Consumerism with Your Class

The approaching winter holidays are a time for us to spread peace and goodwill throughout our communities. The holidays remind us of the importance of friends and our love for family. However, we are terribly influenced by the distraction of consumerism that is omnipresent in our society. It is na...

Holiday Promotions and Your School Store

Holiday Promotions for your school store

With Christmas right around the corner, retailers everywhere are cashing in on sales with their holiday promotions. Your school store's promotions during the holiday have just as much potential as any other store to meet consumers' needs. The school store, however, differs in one BIG WAY. What is ...