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Comics: A Positive Influence on Girls’ Self-Esteem

Using comics to help girls to read more

There is a new need for superheroes, and it is not fighting crime. We all know that growing up is not easy. So many of us have struggled with self-esteem issues from childhood through adolescence, and for girls, this period can seem like one never-ending battle. During this time, girls struggle to...

Books That Empower Tween Girls

Books that empower tween girls

Books That Empower Tween Girls

As girls move from tweens to teens, they can be filled with many questions that are not always easy to ask. As they are changing, so are their roles in society. Amid all of this change, however, books remain a constant. One of the greatest joys of books is that they...

Science and Math Seek Female Touch

Getting more girls in STEM

Why are girls failing to pursue an interest in science and math?

Universities and high schools fail to enroll an equal ratio of female to male students in science and other technology-related fields of study. The courses exist, and the opportunities to enter them are equal. Still, not as many wom...