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Finding Help for Fundraisers

When young learners set out to master writing skills, they will meet many challenges.  Use these supplies to help students become interested in writing.

When the school needs new playground equipment, sports uniforms, classroom technology, or money to cover travel expenses for a fieldtrip, fundraising is put to the test. Money can be earned through sales at concession stands, ticket booths, and at the school store. These are just a few places wher...

Fundraise Together

Fundraise Together

No parent wants a child to miss out on an important opportunity when in school. Sometimes, however, it is challenging to fund all the great learning experiences we want our children to have. Luckily, the PTA is willing to step up by taking on fundraising responsibilities. This can help a school di...

Imprint Small Products to Make Big Impact

Imprint Small Products to Make Big Impact

When is a pen not just a tool for writing, but a way for encouraging the writer's sense of belonging to a group? When is a T-shirt not just an article of clothing, but a symbol that raises awareness? When does a folder not just store papers, but become a source for inspiration? When small everyday...

School Stores Take Little Work to Bring Big Benefits

School store equals big benefitsIf school stores can help raise funds and teach academic skills, then why do some sponsors hold back from opening school stores of their own? A few myths are commonly cited as the main obstacles causing teachers to hesitate. While one must consider the location, cost, and operation of a school store...

Five Great School Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraisers are a great way to get extra funds that you can use for everything from field trips to sports to celebrations. These ten fundraiser ideas are both fun and practical for your school. Check them out!

School Store

The school store is a great source of funds for the school because it’s ess...