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Fidget Toys in and out of the Classroom

Fidget toys are helpful in school, but they also have their place at home, in the car, and around town.  Here’s how they can help kids.

In the recent past, fidget toys have been the answer to an age-old problem: how to keep kids focused and behaved in settings and situations that are challenging. Teachers now experiment with using fidget toys in the classroom to help kids stay on track while listening to lectures and working on as...

Fidget Toys in the Classroom

Fidget Toys in the Classroom

What Are Fidget Toys?

When focusing in class becomes a problem, you may want to turn to fidget toys for help. Fidget toys can be toys and school supplies that appeal to the senses and may help students manage their behavior—especially their attention—while in class. Squeeze toys are familiar type...