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Learning to Problem Solve

Problem solving. Multi-colored puzzle.

Having problem solving skills is essential for finding success in many aspects of life. From working towards financial success to fostering meaningful relationships, knowing how to approach a problem and working to create the best possible outcomes can make all the difference in one’s life. The ea...

Mesmerize the Mind with Puzzles and Mazes

Puzzles and mazes

When learning activities masquerade as puzzles and mazes, kids can get tricked into thinking! Practicing new skills while having fun is a great way to learn! No matter your students’ age or the subject you teach, many puzzles and mazes can be adapted to suit your needs in the classroom. Let’s look...

Slime - Gross but Fun

Slime - Gross but Fun

Slime toys are disgusting, but kids love them all the same. How can something so gross be so attractive? Slime has been a fun favorite for years, and it continues to mesmerize children.


One of the best features of slime is its texture. Kids can’t wait to get the goo in their hands. It’s ...