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An All-Inclusive Approach to Winter Holidays

How to create all-inclusive winter holidays

With winter break awaiting right around the corner, you are probably anxious to spread holiday cheer throughout your classroom. Depending on your school’s policy, celebrating winter holidays may have to follow strict guidelines. Your diverse students celebrate in ways unique to their cultures and ...

Everlasting Appeal for A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Appeal of a Charlie Brown Christmas

What holiday movies will your kids be watching this Christmas? The Polar Express? Elf? The Grinch? With so many recent additions to the Christmas film library, is there still an interest in watching A Charlie Brown Christmas? As it turns out, the themes within this classic are timeless. From deali...

2017 Christmas Party at the Eastside Family Shelter

Every year GEDDES stops by the Family Shelter in Rosedale, MD with boxes and boxes of school supplies and toys for all of the kids. Put aside the office parties and office decorating, for our company this is THE highlight of our holiday season. The children are so appreciative and make the event so ...

Christmas Music Diversity

Christmas Music Diversity

'Tis the Christmas season and in the weeks leading up to the long-awaited winter break, public schools ring out in song. Listen closely, and you will probably hear a few grumbles bah-humbugging about the musical selection. In a country so prideful of its First Amendment Rights, it is no wonder tha...

The Elf on The Shelf® in the Classroom

The Elf on the Shelf

In recent years, The Elf on the Shelf® has become a cultural phenomenon around Christmastime. Kids can't seem to get enough of Santa's watchful scout, and they look forward to finding the Elf every morning.

For those unfamiliar with The Elf of the Shelf® it works like this. Santa sends an elf to ...