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Exciting Back-to-School Trends

New Trends for 2017

The new school year is bound to be filled with surprises! Changes in technology have made learning more accessible than ever before to an increasingly diverse student body. From creating more welcoming environments to designing lessons with tangible outcomes, teachers are using all of the availabl...

Shopping Made Easy with Back-to-School Supply Kits

Shopping made easy with back-to-school supply kits

There is a new way to shop for your students' back-to-school essentials. Prepackaged supply kits can save busy teachers and families time and money while providing students with the tools they will need to get off on the right foot when they return to the classroom. If you are in the market for sc...

Teacher Tips for Parents Preparing to Send Kids Back to School

Teacher Tips for parents preparing to send kids back to school

Teachers want parents to know that there are several things that can be done now to help prepare students for a great school year ahead. Before summer vacation ends, begin preparing your children for their return to the classroom. You want your kids to be ready to learn on day one instead of scram...

Lessons for Use with a School Store

Lessons for use with a school store

School stores offer students more than school supplies. They are in the business of teaching entrepreneurial skills and financial management, too. No matter what grade your students are in, plan to use the school store in your lessons so students can use the theories taught in the curriculum in re...

School Stores Take Little Work to Bring Big Benefits

School store equals big benefitsIf school stores can help raise funds and teach academic skills, then why do some sponsors hold back from opening school stores of their own? A few myths are commonly cited as the main obstacles causing teachers to hesitate. While one must consider the location, cost, and operation of a school store...

Setting Up Your Classroom for a New School Year

how to organize your classroom effectively

It's a new school year, and with the start of the new year comes the opportunity to try new approaches to classroom organization. Classrooms have come a long way from the rank and file and bare-walled spaces of yesteryear. New research shows that students learn best in more engaging and interactiv...