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School Kits Facilitate Learning in Your Community
This article describes the kind of supplies one will find in Geddes School Kits and how they can help students meet their educational goals.
Fear-Free for the First Day

First Day of School


The first day of school is an exciting time. Some children can’t wait to go. They look forward to beginning a new school year while others are completely terrified. Whether your children are going to school for the very first time or are headed into a new grade level at a different building, yo...

Rebuilding Your Classroom Library
Classroom Library
Take Inventory

Summer vacation is a great time to restock and reorganize your classroom library.  What changes can you make to your existing collection that will further and support literacy instruction for your students?  First, make time to quickly go through the books you currently have.  T...
Engage Kids with Cool School Supplies

Fidget toys are helpful in school, but they also have their place at home, in the car, and around town.  Here’s how they can help kids.

Cool school supplies help fulfill a child’s basic needs for learning, but they can also encourage a student’s behavioral, emotional, and cognitive engagement in the classroom. The right tools enable a child to complete learning activities, practice assignments, and final assessments, but cool tool...

A New School Year, a New Bedtime

A New Year, A New Bed Time

As summer nears its end, your children will need to get back to an ideal sleep routine. For those who have gotten into the routine of staying up late and sleeping the mornings away, this can be a challenge your family faces. When will be the new bedtime once school is back in session? According to...

Setting a New, Smooth Routine

How to make back to school smooth

When school is back in session, students must begin following a new routine. No more late nights and lazy days! Everyone involved—parents, students, and teachers—has a new schedule to keep and transitioning from the summer routine to the school routine can be tough on many. Luckily, adding a few k...