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A Summer’s Worth of Reading Opportunities

Fidget toys are helpful in school, but they also have their place at home, in the car, and around town.  Here’s how they can help kids.

We want our kids to play, rest, and relax this summer, but we also want them to continue learning as well as retain all the knowledge that they gained over the course of the school year. When opportunities for learning throughout the summer are scarce, kids may find themselves going down the summe...

Slime Time: Science Lessons with Slime

Slime Time: Science Lessons with Slime

If you teach science to kids, then be sure to add slime to your upcoming lesson plans. The ooey-gooey globs are your next materials for demonstrating key scientific principles and course standards. While the look and feel of children's slime may be gross, it can be a beautiful asset in teaching st...

Happy Halloween Activities

Happy Halloween Activities

Halloween-themed lessons will leave your elementary students excited for the holiday and learning. Throughout the month of October, make Halloween a part of your classroom activities. Adding an element of Halloween to your lessons can help motivate students to learn. Take a look at these ideas to ...

Teach Students Using Hands-On Activities

Hands on Learning

Some students learn best when they are actively engaged with the concept about which they are learning. While some learn easily by listening to a lecture or by reading from a textbook, tactile learners pick up new concepts when their hands are involved in the learning process. Many students' learn...

The Modern Latchkey Kid

The Modern Latchkey Kid

What is a latchkey kid?

A latchkey kid is a child who is left home alone in the time after he or she gets home from school, but before parents or guardians return home from work. According to the After School Alliance, a nonprofit organization, one in 25 children between kindergarten and fifth gr...

Great Ideas for Halloween Activities in the Classroom

Halloween classroom activities

Halloween is a favorite holiday of students everywhere, thanks in no small part to the amount of candy they consume in the days leading up to and following the main event. You can add to the fun by incorporating a ton of fun Halloween activities into your classroom activities. Check out some of th...