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7 Ways to Keep Middle Schoolers Reading


Reading is a great way to relax and improve your vocabulary, but sometimes it can be a chore, especially when teaching middle school kids who are reluctant readers. Here are some ideas to inspire your students and get them reading more:


1. Start a Reading Challenge

Starting a reading chall...

7 Fun Classroom Rewards & Incentives for Kindergarten

kindgergarten girl with bright blue eyes and braided hair drawing with markers at her classroom table


Classroom incentives are great ways to motivate, encourage and inspire your kindergarten class. They can help encourage children to work hard, focus, and behave well.  

Kindergarten classroom rewards can be used as positive reinforcement for learning, good behavior, hard work, and almost anyth...

5 Reading Challenge Ideas for Elementary Schools


Reading is an essential life skill, and it's important to start children early on the path to becoming lifelong readers. Reading challenges or contests can be a fun way to get your elementary schoolers to enjoy books and stories.

Try these reading challenge ideas to help make reading fun.