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6 Best Classroom Party Ideas


Classroom parties are great incentives to get students to work together for a common goal, but sometimes it’s nice to throw a party just because! Of course, every party needs a theme, and we’ve got you covered there. Here are some of the best classroom party ideas for kids of all ages.



Best Middle School Rewards & Incentives



Middle schoolers are tough to please, so finding rewards and incentives that will meet their exacting standards can be tricky. Luckily, we have plenty of cool prizes and school supplies at GEDDES, so even the pickiest kids will find something to get excited about! Here are some middle school...

Geddes Completes Annual School Supplies Donation To Baltimore's Eastside Family Resource Center


In late August this year, Geddes completed its annual donation of school supplies to one of our long-time local favorite resource centers. The Eastside Family Resource Center supports children, mothers, and families in times of financial hardship and homelessness by providing meals, showers, la...