Blog posts of '2020' 'August'

Why You Should Encourage Creative Writing this Summer

There has been a great deal of emphasis on STEM in the media lately, which has led to many parents being preoccupied with their children’s performance in the sciences. While these subjects are undeniably important, it’s also critical to provide children with a well-rounded education and give them ...

Going Back to School Safely

Returning to the classroom this fall has many parents, students, and teachers feeling anxious. Is it safe? What will school look like with so many new precautions in place? Unfortunately, COVID-19 has become a politically-charged issue, and making matters even worse is the amount of misinformation s...

How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Looking for easy ways to keep your kids’ minds sharp over the summer? Summer learning loss is a very real phenomenon. Statistics show that school-aged children between 2nd and 9th grade can lose an average of 25%-30% of what they learn during the school year. But with just a little review over the s...