Blog posts of '2020' 'November'

How to Keep Your Student Motivated While Learning at Home

Young Girl Learning at Kitchen Table

If you’ve been working from home during the pandemic, you’ve probably noticed your motivation flagging over these past few months. At first, it might be external distractions keeping you from devoting your full attention to work, but then it shifts into an inability to focus on anything substantiv...

Ways to Promote Kindness at School

Two Masked Kids Bumping Elbows

There are many reasons to encourage kindness in the classroom. It’s an important strategy for preventing bullying, it fosters connection and belonging, it improves self-esteem, and it reduces stress and depression. If you’re wondering how to promote kindness at school, here are some simple ideas t...

6 Ways to Raise Funds for Your School

Whether you’re a teacher, school principal, or parent, you might be charged with finding ways to raise funds for your school. While selling candy and wrapping paper are time-honored traditions that go back decades, today we’re going to talk about some more innovative primary school fundraising ide...