Blog posts of '2019' 'September'

School Kits Facilitate Learning in Your Community
This article describes the kind of supplies one will find in Geddes School Kits and how they can help students meet their educational goals.
Staying Organized in a Chaotic Life

Busy schedule. Appointment sticky notes.

When it comes to managing work, school, and family life, some parents are swallowed up by the chaos while others seem to juggle all the demands without skipping a beat. The challenges facing parents put their organizational skills to the test. Finding a way to balance the responsibilities brought ...

Fear-Free for the First Day

First Day of School


The first day of school is an exciting time. Some children can’t wait to go. They look forward to beginning a new school year while others are completely terrified. Whether your children are going to school for the very first time or are headed into a new grade level at a different building, yo...

Back To School Must Haves

Back to school shopping is in full swing, so it’s due time to put together a list of must-haves for class. The right tools for academic success are just what your children need. While you pick up this year’s school supplies, remember to also grab the supplies you’ll need to have at hand for your hom...