Blog posts of '2019' 'August'

Starlight, Starbright, Stargazing Tonight!

Science in the backyard. Children with a telescope at night.

Space exploration starts in your very own backyard! A night outdoors can inspire your youngsters to be lifelong stargazers. Stimulate their curiosity in outer space by taking a trip into your backyard to view the moon, stars, planets, and maybe even a UFO!

To prepare for your mission, build on yo...

New School Year, New Responsibilities

Welcome back to school. Responsibilities for a new school year.

Before you know it, the time will arrive for you to see your children off to the start of a new school year. They have come a long way since last year, and now that they are a bit older, they will have more responsibilities to manage on their own. An important part of parenting is preparing your f...

Kitty Cat Crazy!

Cat wearing sunglasses eating an icre cream cone on the beach.

Cats are succeeding in their mission for world domination! Everywhere we turn, we find ourselves falling in love with cats. Whether you are a child who can’t resist a kitten’s cuteness or an adult who is enslaved to a cat with an attitude, the chances are that you will succumb to the feline power.

Choosing the Right Backpack

Choosing the right backpack

Backpacks make life easier for students. They are one of the handiest school supplies a child can have to help transport belongings between school and home. Kids love picking out a new backpack. They’re drawn to those with pictures of favorite characters, eye-catching colors, and clever patterns. ...