Blog posts of '2019' 'July'

Marking Milestones
School milestones. Kids outside school for graduation.Celebrating goal attainment is a healthy practice for both kids and adults.  Taking the time to recognize achievements is important on many levels.  It teaches one that completing a goal can be exciting and meaningful.  It makes one take the time to reflect on how past performances compare to the...
Educational Party Games and Activities
Party games. Children's birthday party with balloons.
As you plan your child’s birthday party, take time to reflect on how you have celebrated in the past.  Since the first birthday, you have noticed significant changes in how your child has interacted with others in a party setting.  The child has gone from being a passive participant to one who ...
Lessons from Dinosaurs!
Kids and Dinos
When it comes to being popular among kids, dinosaurs have withstood the test of time.  Children love them for their size, ferocity, and mystery.  Dinosaurs instill a sense of wonder in kids, and many kids develop an intense interest in dinosaurs.  Use this interest to teach your students about ...
Rebuilding Your Classroom Library
Classroom Library
Take Inventory

Summer vacation is a great time to restock and reorganize your classroom library.  What changes can you make to your existing collection that will further and support literacy instruction for your students?  First, make time to quickly go through the books you currently have.  T...