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Free Gifts with Every Order - Thank You, Educators!

Free Gifts In Every Order - Thank You, Educators!


This May we're celebrating educators all month long! The first 1,500 orders placed on our website will receive two gifts: an awesome pack of handy-dandy sticky notes, and a packet of "Educator Fuel" (coffee).

Do you have to be an educator to get these free gifts? NO! If you're one of the first...

Smart Phones: Helpful or Dangerous?

Kids and cell phones? Good idea?

Smartphones have brought amazing changes to our lives, so much so that they have become a necessity for many. The desire to own a cell phone is common among adults, and it is not surprising to find that kids of all ages feel this way too. Many parents debate about when to allow their children to p...

Mesmerize the Mind with Puzzles and Mazes

Puzzles and mazes

When learning activities masquerade as puzzles and mazes, kids can get tricked into thinking! Practicing new skills while having fun is a great way to learn! No matter your students’ age or the subject you teach, many puzzles and mazes can be adapted to suit your needs in the classroom. Let’s look...

New Feature: Get Notified When An Item You Want is Back-in-Stock

It can be frustrating when a GEDDES item you want is out of stock. That's why we've come up with a new feature to let you know immediately when an item you want is back-in-stock. 

When you're on an item page and it's showing as "Out of Stock", all you have to do is click the button that says "Notif...

Slime - Gross but Fun

Slime - Gross but Fun

Slime toys are disgusting, but kids love them all the same. How can something so gross be so attractive? Slime has been a fun favorite for years, and it continues to mesmerize children.


One of the best features of slime is its texture. Kids can’t wait to get the goo in their hands. It’s ...

Stocking the School Store for a Target Age

Stocking the school store with age appropriate items

To make your school store a success, stock it with merchandise appropriate for your target market. Knowing your customer is key in retail. To profit, you must carry the items your customers want and need. When we think of supplies that students need for school, we often think of general supplies, ...